Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm writing a story for Weeb about the Monsters under her bed.

I thought when I told her the beginning of the story that she'd be entranced by the tale and fall into the 'other world' with a terrific sense of wonder.

What happened is that she spent the next three nights having nightmares about monsters under her bed.

I am the Mother of the Year. Again.

So I decided to ask my brother, who has amazed me with his drawings since childhood, to whip up a picture of Weeb and one of the monsters. I described the monster as: a large dust bunny with a toothy grin and large sneakers.

In minutes my brother had the above picture drawn. The monster looks slightly more meatbally-ish than dustbunny-ish but I think it's awesome. So does Weeb. And now she's bugging me to keep writing the story.