I have some friends who are improving their photography and Photoshopping skills. It is inspiring me to learn more. Though we have a nicer camera, I always carry my Cannon PowerShot SD1000 with me.

I am determined to learn how to use this little point and shoot camera to the best of its and my ability and show that you can take great (or at least pretty good) photos without spending a ton of money on fancy lenses, filters and lighting. Though if you can afford the fancy lenses, filters and lighting - have at it, all the power to you!

If I take and like any online courses, free or otherwise, I will post a button link, in case you are interested in improving upon your photography and/or photo editing skills, too.

I have to thank my husband, and my pal Carla S for the encouragement to improve my skills and pointing me in the right directions!

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