Sunday, June 26, 2011


I haven't been in much of a bloggy mood lately. And I refuse to let my online ramblings become a chore, so there ya go. Perhaps a grand disappointment to all the three people who read this stuff, but I'm sure you'll all manage to keep from dwelling in darkness the days I don't post anything.

I have a new camera that I've been VERY slowly getting used to. It's a Canon Power Shot G12. It makes me drool with all the buttony bits, but it is equally frustrating as I've not quite grasped how to use it terribly well yet. Mostly I tell my husband what I want to do and he figures out how to do it and then explains it to me. I'm rather useless that way, but I've come to terms with it. Eventually I'll master this sucker.

To be very truthful, Wonko actually took this photo. But I noticed the bee. It was such a weird color. Wonko figures it was just heavily laden with pollen. I think it is a rebel bee and just didn't want to conform to the regular black and yellow coloring. Probably a dye job; you know how radical bees can get.

I was surprised how, after buzzing around for a few minutes, this thing just flew down to the ground and sat there and let Wonko snap the photo. Poser rebel bee, apparently.

This is a SOOC shot. Well, except that I cropped it. And added annoying text. But no other photo tweaks.