Monday, May 9, 2011


Weeb, Wonko and I got a lovely hanging basket for my mom for Mother's Day. It had lovely little white flowers in it, as well as some red ones. I've no idea what any of it is. But I know what I like.

These are the red flowers that are also in the hanging basket. Wonko and Weeb bought the same kind of hanging basket for me for Mother's Day. It's not hanging as much as propped up on a cinder block; a beacon of awesome in our otherwise nasty back yard.

These are in my folks' back garden. Are they Blue Bells? They look like they should be called Blue Bells.

Also in my folks' back garden. I was testing to see if I could get a decent shot with mostly salmon colored flowers as the subject. I'm not thrilled, but it's better than I thought I'd get. I think these are Rhododendrons, though I'm willing to bet money that my father or one of you out there will know better!

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