Sunday, April 17, 2011


I do love Spring! These are some Forget Me Nots from my folks' front garden. Forget Me Nots are some of my favorite flowers!

Here are some Grape Hyacinths, also from my folks' front garden. My daughter and one of my nieces batted their little eyelashes at my dad yesterday and the result was my dad giving the girls some Grape Hyacinths to take home. They are so pretty!

I've no idea what these (below) are. It's a tree that is fairly common in metro Vancouver. It tends to bloom the same time as the cherry trees, but the petals are much larger and a completely different shape. They add to to the lovely pink around here though. You can't poo poo the pink!


  1. I've never seen grape hyacinths. They are beautiful!
    That last shot is a real keeper, girl! I love it very much. The colours, the contrast, the perspective. Well done you!

  2. My (not technically a botanist) vote is for a Magnolia tree. And I also love grape hyacinths, gotta go snap some of mine which are also blooming this week. :)