Saturday, September 24, 2011


I was outside yesterday trying to take pictures of little birds that hang out in the big tree in the yard behind me. I saw this little fuzzy staring at me. I like squirrels. Unless they are decaying between the walls of my townhouse. But otherwise, I quite like them.

House Sparrows, aka English Sparrows, 2 males and a female, I'm told by someone who is more astute in regards to birdy business than I am. I love these little guys. They're always flitting and hopping around. They've been known to tease poor Tibboh the Terrible (our cat) through the sliding glass door to our back yard.

This poor bee seemed to lose its way on a chilly September night. I found him/her covered in dew on my wind screen in the morning. It was still alive. I'm kind of hoping he just flew away when I started my car (though I rather know this is unlikely when they're wet like this). But you never know. You never can tell with bees.

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