Sunday, September 4, 2011


There is a fishing village near Vancouver, called Steveston. You can buy fresh fish on the dock at certain times of the year. There are a few fabulous fish & chip shops. It's quite a cute little village.

There are some enormous boats that come up the Fraser River to drop off what must be hundreds of cars. They get dropped off down the river and go by train and truck throughout BC, and likely beyond. These boats are HUGE. I've seen smaller apartment buildings.

This is a shot of the Fisherman's Memorial. The Steveston Fisherman's Memorial is a freestanding memorial commemorating the lives and deaths of fishermen working out of Steveston, BC. It takes the form of a giant fishing net needle and stands a few meters from the sea, at Garry Point Park (from Wikipedia).

Here's a couple of shots of the memorial from father away. You turn your head for one second and another boat will show up in view. I love Steveston!

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