Saturday, July 14, 2012

366 of 2012 - Day 196

366 of 2012 - Day 196. This is a Galileo Thermometer. (I quote from Wikipedia), "A Galileo thermometer (or Galilean thermometer) is a thermometer made of a sealed glass cylinder containing a clear liquid and a number of floats whose densities are such that they rise or fall as the temperature changes." More precisely, this is a negative of a photo of a Galileo Thermometer. And I don't think it works terribly well, as I have 3 of them and they all show different temperatures at any given time. But it looks neat.

Taken with my Canon PowerShot G12, f/4, 1/60 sec., ISO-160, no flash, camera handheld, shot outdoors. Edited with Photoshop; cropped, added text, applied Unsharp Mask, then converted to negative using Curves.

Picaboo's Weekly Challenge is posted here: How to Bring Life to Inanimate Objects.

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