Monday, August 13, 2012

366 of 2012 - Day 226

366 of 2012 - Day 226. Barbie has come a long way since I was a kid. She's had many careers and hobbies. And she's come a little bit closer to actual female dimensions (not quite there yet, but certainly an improvement from the 70's - the Barbie clothes my mother made for my dolls do not fit the newer dolls - the waist and hips are larger and the chest smaller). This Barbie (who has something to do with fashion, apparently) recommends sun screen and wants you to know that she's very self conscious about how thin she is, her lack of muscle tone and her unsightly joints. I suggested to Barbie that she can't be THAT self conscious about her 'unsightly joints' if she's happy to wear such short dresses, but she just smiled at me. Upon declaring 'picture time', my daughter gave me a look that Barbie would agree was less than lady like, so I am left with a smaller model than I had anticipated for this challenge. She's not as cute as Weeb, but she fidgets less!

Taken with my Canon PowerShot G12 - f/4, 1/1250 sec., ISO-160, camera hand held. Cropped (and resized), added text, applied Unsharp Mask and High Pass Filter, then slightly adjusted Levels with Photoshop.

Picaboo's Weekly Challenge is posted here: Tips For Taking Pictures in Mid-Day Sun.

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