Tuesday, August 28, 2012

366 of 2012 - Day 241

366 of 2012 - Day 241. Tibboh the Terrible. When I brought Tibboh home, I was very concerned about how my first cat, Hobbit, would handle it. Hobbit was known, far and wide, as being a nasty 5 lb black cat of terror. She wasn't impressed with me, but very quickly assumed the roll of 'big sister'. Even though Tibboh outgrew her in a few months, Hobbit was always dominant and seemed to enjoy the fuzzy company.

Taken with my Canon PowerShot G12 - f/2.8, 1/20 sec., ISO-1000, camera hand held, no flash, shot indoors. Cropped (and resized), added text, applied Unsharp Mask around Tibboh's nose with Photoshop.

Picaboo's Weekly Challenge is posted here: How to Photograph Pets.

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