Monday, January 23, 2012

366 of 2012 - Day 23

366 of 2012 - Day 23. I'll be honest, I don't remember what settings I used on any of these shots. Picaboo challenged us to play with white balance settings. I was playing with settings, and Auto wouldn't let me adjust the white balance, so played around until I found a setting that would let me alter them.

I can tell you that this photo was taken with my Canon PowerShot G12, f/3.2, 1/40 sec. exposure, ISO-800, +1 Step Exposure bias, focal length 8 mm, max aperture 3.34375, pattern metering, no flash, used a tripod, white balance manual (though I've no idea what setting). Now that I'm thinking about it, this could have been on Auto as I was flipping back and forth to see what the differences would be.

Okay, so I didn't learn a ton, but I did learn a little bit about the white balance settings.

I was playing around with settings here. I can't remember what they all are. Next time I do this, I need to keep a pad of paper and a pencil with me.

Edit to add, next day: A friend of mine pointed out that Lemon is wearing Strawberry's dress and Strawberry is wearing Raspberry's dress. Weeb loves changing these little dresses around. They're designed marvelously and I don't have to help her at all, and they're pretty sturdy material, to boot!

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