Wednesday, January 4, 2012


If it looks like a duck and sounds like a goose and is destroying your kids' school field, it's probably a Snow Goose in Metro Vancouver in January.

Snow Geese, as it turns out, are not all white. I don't know why this surprises me, yet it does. I haven't had an opportunity to get as up close to these birds as I did today, walking to pick up my daughter from school. We'd gone out looking for them last weekend, but saw only Seagulls, and though the gulls were there today, they were hugely outnumbered by the Snow Geese.

It is much easier to navigate Seagull poop on school walkways than it is to avoid Snow Goose poop. I did not include a picture. You're welcome.

These geese completely destroy school fields. You can hear sounds of... cannons? They must be some kind of cannon or air rifle, because hey, this is Canada and we don't really do the gun thing around here unless we're in some kind of gang. Goose gang? Anyhow, you hear these booming noises coming from some fields and then moments later, the sky is littered with Snow Geese by the thousands as they just move to another school field. I've heard them honking over the house for the past two afternoons. I'm glad I brought my camera with me on my otherwise dreary January Metro Vancouver stroll.

This shot does not do justice to the field of white in this school field. There were a LOT of Snow Geese.

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